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  • Dr. Cancienne was very friendly, spent a lot of time answering my questions, listened attentively, and had good communication skills. He evened very common sense and was professional. I highly recommend him.
  • Dr Canienne showed such compassion when I told him I could not come back weekly for much needed gel injection shots due to my financial situation and expensive co pay he went above and beyond to get a workable insurance option along with his assistant Liesle they advocated on my behalf I was able to get both knees the injection I needed. He listens, cares and makes you feel like you matter that is rare. each person in his office are professional and take the time to make sure you are taken care of it's an organized practice. Midwest Orthopedic at Rush is the place for all your health care issues 10 stars if there such a thing
    By - Jeanine McNicol
    19-Oct-2023 10:51 AM
  • I met Dr Canienne 3 months after tearing my hamstring & getting the run-around for other doctors/insurance. During my initial consultation, he confirmed what I had suspected (& feared) that surgery to repair/reattach my hamstring would be the best option to return to my desired activity level. His assistant, Liesl, called that afternoon to tell me surgery was scheduled 2 days later -- I couldn't believe how quickly they got things done! Surgery was over before I knew it & he called that evening to see how I was doing. Recovery was not fun, but for the most part I knew what to expect & he was always very quick to respond if I had any questions. It's been 4 months post surgery & I've been cleared to run again! Dr. Canienne (& everyone at MOR) made whole process as smooth & "painless" as possible. From the initial consult to quick surgery turnaround & post-op follow up, he always efficient, straightforward & easy to communicate with. I highly recommend him!
    By - Kim Emry
    23-May-2023 03:14 PM
  • I was interviewing shoulder repair surgeons in November of 2022 when I was diagnosed with a 75% tear in my shoulder. I am so grateful to have met Dr. Cancienne and chose him to do my surgery. I inquired about the BMAC procedure and he explained. it to me thoroughly. I decided to use the BMAC procedure. My surgery was done on December 22nd, 2022. I was shocked to hear from Dr. Cancienne that evening when he called to check in on me. He had missed a flight to visit his family for Christmas but still found time to check on me; a true act of kindness and concern. I followed Dr. Cancienne's post surgery procedures to a tee. On day 45 I begin light PT. By day 65 I was bench pressing and doing bicep curls with virtually no pain. On day 70 I was playing golf. People I ran into who experienced this surgery without the BMAC were absolutely amazed at my progress. I am writing this review on May 9th, 2023. There is nothing I cannot do, in fact my shoulder and bicep are stronger than they were prior to my surgery. I will recommend Dr. Cancienne to anyone who will listen!
    By - Derek Brenczewski
    09-May-2023 08:41 PM
  • Dr. Cancienne's approach to patient care is to listen and engage in a conversation with you about your injury concerns, your desired outcomes, and walks you through a spectrum of choices for treatment. He uses test results, imaging and the depth of his experience and training to show you what's going on inside your joint - in my case, a knee. After six weeks of physical therapy, my knee pain is very manageable with the course of strengthening exercises I worked through with my local therapist. I left my follow up consult with Dr. Cancienne satisfied I can reach out to this practice for future orthopedic care.
    By - Jean
    09-Jan-2023 07:42 PM
  • I would highly recommend Dr. Cancienne. I had surgery for a broken femur. I did not have a chance to check out doctors since it was an accident and I went to the emergency room. So glad that Dr. Cancienne was the doctor that day who did the surgery. He is very professional and he spends time to address your concerns and explains what will be done in a way that makes you feel like you understand and that is very comforting. Also my recovery time was amazing!
    By - Debra Salbador
    11-Aug-2020 06:32 PM
  • I am very pleased with Dr. Cancienne‚Äôs professionalism. My surgery and my healing process went very well. Dr. Cancienne talked with me about my injury. I was able to ask questions that concerned me. I was well informed prior to and after my surgery.
    By - Anita Briant
    11-Aug-2020 06:22 PM
  • I would describe Dr. Cancienne as compassionate,understanding,honest,knowledgeable and committed. He has great communications skills. He is a 5 star physician that I would highly recommend.
    03-Mar-2020 11:40 AM

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